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Weaving Untangled - Floor Loom Weaving for Beginners

Weaving Untangled - Floor Loom Weaving for Beginners

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A beginners guide to the basics of floor loom weaving. This introduction covers recommended tools, creating a warp, loom set up, how to read a pattern draft, weaving tips, finishing techniques, resources and more. All information is tailored to jack floor looms and uses U.S. customary units and information. Illustrations are included throughout to guide through the process. A selection of 4-harness pattern drafts are featured, including plain weave, basketweave, balanced twill, unbalanced twill, broken twill, rose path, wall of troy, waffle weave, log cabin and stairsteps. Further ideas can be recorded under the project planning section.

Writing and interior illustrations: Morgan Hale

Cover design and layout: Maeve Norton

Edits: Emma Welty and Annie Narrigan

Self-Published via Lulu


6 x 9 inches

52 Pages

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