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The Knitting Barber

The Knitting Barber TKB Knitting Cords

The Knitting Barber TKB Knitting Cords

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TKB Knitting cords are a must-have accessory! 

These hollow silicone cables are the perfect stitch holders. They are super flexible, attach right to the end of your needles, and come in sets of three. Check out Tessa's blog post and learn how to use them!

Press the end of the cable on to the tip of the needle and gently slip the stitches to the cable for hold, and vice versa for placing the stitches back on to the needles.

Use them to hold sleeve stitches, to help you try on the body of a garment, to lay spread out a shawl, or even when you need a busy needle for a new project. 

Sold as a set of three cables (1 * 150 cm, 2 * 75 cm) in a tin.

14 colors available.

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