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Mari in the Sky

The Gentle Tarot

The Gentle Tarot

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The Gentle Tarot is an indigenous-made, hand-drawn tarot deck filled with imagery influenced by life in remote Alaska. 10% of all proceeds are donated to ocean and climate change research.

This labor of love comprises of 79 hand drawn illustrations on 350 gsm matte laminate cards with matte gold siding and a 196 page guidebook, both in a thoughtfully crafted two-part box.

Set includes the full 78 card deck (plus 1 bonus card!) on 350 gsm matte print with matte gold sidings and a 196 page guide book in a two part box.

About the Artist:

Hi! My name is Mariza, artist behind Mari in the Sky. 

I am a nature-inspired illustrator who recently created a hand-drawn tarot deck filled with imagery influenced by life in remote Alaska. It is touched throughout by my indigenous spiritual background. 

I draw much of my strength and inspiration from our natural environment, as it has always been my comfort and guide. I strongly believe that our mental health is very much influenced by our connection or lack of connection with our ecosystem. The art of these cards attempts to bridge the gap and remind us of the power and love found there.

Having grown up with ceremony and daily rituals that connect us with the elements, songs that ancestors sang with words and sounds that speak to this connection, I am inspired to share the love, honor, and respect that our planet is due.  It is my hope that the love embedded in my work can serve as a reminder of this connection so that we may feel supported by our natural environment and also responsible for its well-being. Heal your self, heal the earth.

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