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Lexa Luna Studio

The Future Ancestor Tarot

The Future Ancestor Tarot

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"Be a good ancestor. 

Stand for something bigger than yourself. 

Add value to the Earth during your sojourn."

- Marian Wright Edelman

This tarot deck is a love letter for hope, gratitude, and commitment to honoring the land we live on, the path our ancestors took to get us where we are here & now, and moving forward understanding the ripple effect our actions have on future generations to come. 

lexa luna studio was founded by Alexa Villanueva, a Filipina-American artist, clay witch, tarot reader, & grateful human. During a period of deep grief following the sudden loss of her two grandfathers, Alexa embarked on a journey of healing through the creation of this gentle body of work.
Each card was collaged using sumi ink and pieces of nature that surrounds her home on Coast Salish land, also known as Seattle, Washington. These cards are a gentle reminder to live in gratitude for the steps our ancestors took to get us to where we are, here & now.


In the words of Alexa Villanueva, creator of this deck: 


Whether you are a tarot beginner or a seasoned reader,
the Future Ancestor Tarot is a beautiful tool to connect
with your intuition & dreams. 
The creation of this sacred deck began in the Spring of 2020, 
using sumi ink, water color paper, scissors, 
& fallen leaves and flowers
around my home on Duwamish Territory,
also known as Seattle, Washington. 
In these turbulent & uncertain times, 
I sincerely hope that these gentle cards
provide you with a sense comfort, grounding,
and loving guidance to keep you company whenever you need it.




  • Full 78-Cards, including Major & Minor Arcana 
  • Custom Tuck-Box 
  • Z-Fold Guide Pamphlet with sweet translations of each card 


  • 7 cm x 12cm
  • 310gsm cardstock with a matte, linen finish
  • Rounded edges 
  • Second Printing in the US 
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