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The Black Femme Tarot by Latisha Shelton

The Black Femme Tarot by Latisha Shelton

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The Black Femme Tarot is an 82-card deck, with four additional cards added on to the classical tarot system of 78 cards, created by Latisha Shelton. Only 1000 copies were created of this amazing indie deck!

The deck follows traditional Rider-Waite-Smith symbolism and structure, which makes it a great choice for tarot newbies to learn the ropes, while modern twists and detailed iconography ensures that even a pro will find something refreshing and new in this everyday-use deck.

The Black Femme Tarot’s cheerful, colorful art breathes life into the sometimes dreary depictions of traditional tarot and gives it a modern update. Each card showcases a bright, rich color palette with a modern yet eye-catching cartoon style, because it’s meant to be fun!

The Major Arcana is color-coded thematically by card. The Minor Arcana is color-coded according to suit: peachy-orange for the fiery wands, baby blue for the emotional cups, lilac purple for the truth-seeking swords and mossy-green for the earthy pentacles.

In the mini-guidebook you’ll find the most relevant information needed to understand the Tarot: easy-to-understand descriptions of the card upright ↑ vs. reversed ↓ and a simple yes/no for quick one-card pulls.

**Mini-Guidebook may have minor typos. Please understand that this is due to human error and you will not be refunded for guidebook errors.**


  • 2.75 x 4.75 inch cards
  • 350 GSM Matte UV Cardstock
  • Hot Pink Card Gilding
  • Matte Magnetic Box
  • Mini Guidebook printed on matte paper
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