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Taproot Issue 53 :: AMEND

Taproot Issue 53 :: AMEND

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The fifty-third issue of Taproot, an independent, bimonthly, ad-free print magazine. Taproot celebrates farm, food, family and craft through writing, photography and the arts, both fine and domestic.

by Rosanna Morris

essays about living a more connected life

Activism of Repair
by Meredith Leigh (illustrations by Abbey Anderson)
Mother, Farmer
by Katie Spring (illustrations by Ginnie Hsu)

recipes & crafts 

Cozy Fall Scones
by Kaity Farrell
Freezing Pears
by Crystal Schmidt (photos by Amanda Blake Soule)
Building a Seasonal Wellness Apothecary
by Ashley English (photos by Erin Adams)
Let Your Mending Be Your Medicine
by Christi Johnson
Seasonal Fabric Garland
by Kim Konen
Waxed Canvas Roll-Up Case
by Mary Clipner (photos by David Clipner)
Patchwork Picnic Quilt
by Jessica Lewis Stevens
Worn to a Thread
by Krista M. West
Hand-Carved Crochet Hook
by Roux
Remedy Hat
by Alicia Plummer (photos by Hannah Welling)
Winterlight Mittens
by Abby Goodman

the personal experience of more connected living

Who Is a Homemaker?
by Kirsten Petroska Hussey ( illustrations by Laura Page)
Prairie Dusk
by E. Edward Horne ( illustrations by Amy Berenbeim)

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