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Mari in the Sky

Song of the Grandmothers Oracle

Song of the Grandmothers Oracle

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Created by Kara Simons of Joyful Resonance and illustrated by Mari in the Sky.

Fortifying messages from 66 botanical, elemental, and animal Grandmothers. Unique deck structure with six color-coded categories: Self-Love, Harmony, Growth, Possibility, Service, and Destruction.

Grandmother energy has nothing to do with age or gender. Anyone can be a conduit for this ever-expanding, dynamic flow of emotional maturity, empathy, nurturing, and fierce wisdom that many of us crave! Use this oracle to help you tune in and remember: you are always connected to LOVE at the deepest level.


  • 66 Grandmother cards

  • 6 blank cards to customize

  • BONUS: Category overview card + double-sided spread card

  • Guidebook: 174-page, full-color with Kara’s backstory, how-to, suggested spreads, and card messages; and

  • Rigid two-part box.


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