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Punky Pins

Sasstrology Starsign Enamel Pins

Sasstrology Starsign Enamel Pins

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Are you a typical Leo, or SUCH a Libra? Check out Punky Pins' Sasstrology collection!
Rep your true self with a horoscope pin, or choose zodiac badges for all your BFFs and embrace their, um, quirks... On the horoscope cusp? That's okay, treat yo' self to both signs and rock different astrology pins depending on your mood.
Their strology pins are the perfect pick for jackets, clothing, bags and more. Pick your star sign to show off your own personal brand of sasstrology. Whether you’re a caring Cancerian, a straight-talking Sagittarius or a strong AF Scorpio, let our astrology pins do the talking! 
Which version will you pick? Black + White or Sassy Colours?
Each pin comes in hard enamel and measure approx. 30mm x 35mm (~1.18" x 1.37") 


  • Aries - You're so optimistic!
  • Taurus - Who's independent... you must be a Taurus, right?
  • Gemini - Check out the posi vibes on you.
  • Cancer - You're kind of emotional, but it's a good thing.
  • Leo - You got big hearts.
  • Virgo - You are literally so loyal. Go You!
  • Libra - Ugh, hold the drama pls, Libras want world peace.
  • Scorpios - You're are hella strong.
  • Sagittarius - You're extrovert and extra.
  • Capricorn - You're so wise and ambitious.
  • Aquarius - You're a social butterfly. 
  • Pisces - Sometimes you're wise.



Punky Pins is a North East of England based lifestyle fashion accessory brand that creates unique kick-ass enamel pins, patches and accessories, forever inspired by cats, pop culture, movies, feminism and other cool and cute AF stuff. Fueled by thousands of cups of tea, Punky Pins was founded by girlboss, Claire Whaite in 2005.


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