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Sanctuary: Projects to Make and Share

Sanctuary: Projects to Make and Share

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Ash Alberg's latest book! 

"of course, there is also a lot to be said for sitting in the present moment and actually taking it in. it’s why i’m writing these words from the house we’ve inhabited for the past few days - the magic we created is still lingering in the air, the cozy corners we curated whispering their stories. i guess that’s the beauty of this book and its projects in a nutshell - we can create sanctuary in any place, for any amount of time, and ultimately, it needs to start and end with our internal sense of sanctuary. the cozy knits and quilts and cushions and food are just an outward manifestation of the sense of wonder and joy and human experience we carry through our days, from waking to dreaming."

-page 170

sanctuary: projects to make & share is the latest book collaboration between ash alberg of sunflower knit and samson learn of samson photography. this time, we're transporting you into a world viewed through rose-coloured glasses, from pre-waking to winding down after a day of sweet celebration with friends, and sharing the patterns and recipes that will help you create your own personal sanctuary.

the book projects:

  • 8 knitting patterns (3 size-inclusive garments, 2 socks, 1 blanket throw, 1 cushion, & 1 shawl)

  • 1 quilt pattern

  • 13 food & drink recipes

  • 8 recipes/tutorials for body care and home

the book stats:

  • 200 pages

  • full colour

  • hardcover with dust jacket

  • printed in manitoba, canada

by ash alberg

photography by samson learn and kelsey anne learn, samson photography

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