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Mini Danielle the Axolotl Crochet Kit

Mini Danielle the Axolotl Crochet Kit

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Perfect for pet lovers, this adorable scaled-down version of Danielle the Axolotl joins Kerry Lord's mini menagerie. Part of the salamander family, legend has it the axolotl is in fact Xolotl, the Aztec god of fire and lightning, who disguised himself as the creature to avoid being sacrificed. The ability to regenerate lost limbs adds to their otherworldly qualities, along with the fact that they never outgrow their juvenile stage of development. With their feathery gills and sweet little smiles, it's no wonder axolotls are so appealing to people around the world – and this woolly version captures this cuteness perfectly. Even better, when purchasing this as your next project there's enough yarn included to make two mini axolotls by reversing the colours!

THIS KIT CONTAINS: 50g of TOFT's luxury DK pure wool in two colors
Main colour: 25g Peony
Contrast colour: 25g Pink
A length of black thread for the eyes and nose
A soft grip 3mm TOFT crochet hook
Wool needle
Premium polyester toy stuffing
pattern postcard
Getting started crochet advice leaflet with links to our 'how to' YouTube videos

MEASUREMENTS: When finished your mini Axolotl will be approximately 18cm long from front of face to end of tail.

SKILL LEVEL 2: This kit is suitable for enthusiastic beginners or those who have crocheted before.

IT WILL TAKE: Approximately 1-5 hours crochet time.

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