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Handcrafted Sock Soap by Ash Alberg!

Handcrafted Sock Soap by Ash Alberg!

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handcraft by ash alberg in treaty one territory, Canada.

meet the cold-processed sock soap bar of your dreams! this soap formula is perfect for all your woollens, and was specially formulated for handknit socks. a good solid bar with a heavy dose of lanolin to help replace the moisturizing oils in your wool with every wash, you can give your socks a good scrub to get them actually clean. choose from unscented (the lanolin leaves a mild sheepy smell that any nerdy knitter will love) or tea tree essential oil for antibacterial fighting power.

select from unscented or tea tree.

ingredients: sweet almond oil, olive oil, coconut oil, lanolin, sodium hydroxide (lye), essential oil (tea tree version only)

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