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The Cyprus Cabinet

Clear Quartz Electroform Copper Pendulum

Clear Quartz Electroform Copper Pendulum

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Locally-made by the Cyprus Cabinet! Beautiful pendulum with a clear quartz crystal point on a 7" copper chain and matching gemstone bead. Includes instructions on how to work with your new dowsing tool!

Quartz works at a vibrational level attuned to the needs of the user – absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating energy as necessary. Quartz crystals can be programmed to reflect the intentions that the person working with them has set, amplifying the potential for those intentions to manifest. Quartz is also a cleansing stone that works to remove impurities and psychic debris from the energy field that may permeate the human body. Increasing concentration, it realigns and refocuses the mind, body, and spirit towards clear goals.

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