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The Cyprus Cabinet

Blue Kyanite Electroform Rings

Blue Kyanite Electroform Rings

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A polished piece of blue kyanite electroformed in copper by The Cyprus Cabinet. 

Kyanite’s crystalline structure makes it a powerful conductor of energy that never needs to be cleansed, working like a filter to transmute negative into positive. It promotes a constant flow of energy, allowing you to move through blockages with ease. Releasing old patterns that no longer serve you encourages spiritual growth and becoming your true self. Kyanite enhances metaphysical abilities and is powerful when used in meditation, it can even charge other stones by being in the vicinity of them. It is a powerful aligner of the chakras, releasing any tension and returning our energy centers to their proper rotations. Kyanite will help you bring harmony into all your interactions, allowing you to offer that aligning and peaceful energy to others.

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