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Harper Collins

Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook Boxed Set by The Wild Unknown

Animal Spirit Deck and Guidebook Boxed Set by The Wild Unknown

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Please welcome The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit keepsake box set. It is an exploration of our inner contradictions, our complex natures, and the endless mystery of who we are. We start this exploration by looking outside ourselves and asking Mother Nature for guidance. What can we learn from the great creatures who have inhabited our planet since the dawn of time? What can we learn from the slow, stealth nature of the Crocodile? What message does the Hummingbird tell us about savoring the sweetness of life? While drawing and writing the Animal Spirit deck, there was not a single card that depicted a feeling or experience I have not been through. The essence of all sixty-three creatures is within us, just as we are in them. The human experience is infinitely vast, as is the wisdom buried in every crevice of the natural world. I hope these cards steer you toward your innate intelligence and toward expansion, and I hope that many wild creatures grace your path along the way.

With love,
Kim Krans of The Wild Unknown 

  • 63 hand illustrated cards with stark linework and watercolor washes
  • 208 page guidebook with spreads, meanings, and instructions
  • Radical self transformation


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