SnakeRoot Apothecary Sprays and Tinctures

Snakeroot Apothecary

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SnakeRoot Apothecary is the work of Rachel Burgos, a clinical herbalist from the small desert town of Joshua Tree, California.

Loving Care, 2 oz:

Primarily a self-love potion. loving plant allies such as rose and hawthorn open the heart, w/ love and protection (every rose has it’s thorn) while supporting you with a big hug from motherwort and the relaxing sensuality of damiana.

Ingredients: rose hips, rose petals, hawthorne berry, damiana, motherwort, cinnamon, honey, brandy, organic cane spirits

No More Bad Juju, 2 oz:

No More Bad Juju spray helps to protect and clear bad energy. Using multi-culturally protective herbs such as essential oils of Rue, Rosemary, Cedar, Clove & essences of Ocotillo & Yarrow -- this spritzing spray will help to deflect that menacing glare. This spray also contains a piece of Black Tourmaline in each bottle!

Honey Power: Elderberry Syrup, 2 oz:

When I feel an itch in the back of my throat or start to feel my immune system's depleting from stress, reach for Honey Power, a deeply sweet power up.... good cough syrup, sore throat soother, mild expectorant, immune system boost for right when you're feeling on the edge ...

Ingredients: elderberries, raw honey, yerba santa infused apple cider vinegar, propolis tincture

Chill Vibes, 1 oz:

Nervine tonic for setting the mood right --- soothing to the spirit, chill, soft, balanced, slightly bitter, grounding yet psychically enhancing. Helps replenish the nervous system in the fast paced, super stressor style modern society.

Ingredients: chamomile, lemon Balm, skullcap, damiana, brandy

In Dreams: Night Potion, 1 oz:

magical dream conjuring potion steeped in brandy and sweetened w/ honey and molasses. this dark night or day dreaming cordial uses magical plants used for centuries of dream-visions & messages & ancestral communications.

Ingredients: black currant, damiana, mugwort, st. john's wort, skullcap, wormwood, essence of larrea tridentata infused in brandy

Protection Rosemary Oxymel, 1 oz:

rosemary oxymel is a sweet way to take your protective herbs whether you're looking for protection against dark spirits or a sore throat. oxymels are a traditional way of taking herbs using vinegar and honey. you can take it on it's own or add it to some bubbly water or tea. this oxymel also contains pink yarrow flower essence.. to help sensitive ones develop healthy psychic boundaries and a
strong sense of self. Rosemary Oxymel is a delicious infusion in apple cider vinegar & honey. Grounding and protective.

Ingredients: rosemary, pink yarrow essence, apple cider vinegar, honey

Venus Direct: Aphrodisiac, 1 oz:

relax into the unfolding moment. feel yourself drop into your body, connected to the earth and all of its delight & pleasure. venus direct aphrodisiac encourages a gently unfolding ease and relaxation -- a willingness for opening and presence. to open the heart to feel the body and know yourself as the salt of the earth.

Ingredients: hibiscus, damiana, ashwagandha, milky oats, wolfberry essence, rose infused honey, organic cane spirits


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