Wooden Spoon Herbal Tinctures for Self Care

Wooden Spoon

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Lauren hand-crafts her herbal tinctures in small batches, using American-grown herbs!

Tinctures are sold in 1 oz dropper bottles

Anxiety Ally:

Designed to help you remain grounded and calm, this blend soothes your mind and nourishes frazzled nerves. Inspired by a recipe from legendary herbalist Rosemary Gladstar, the tincture makes a wonderful addition to a self-care routine for the chronically stressed. Take it daily as a tonic for your nervous system, or a dropperful when you’re feeling uneasy.*

Ingredients: tulsi*, skullcap*, milky oats*, ashwagandha*, lavender*, certified non-gmo cane spirits, distilled water (*certified organic)

Tulsi is a species of basil, a bit more musky and spicy than the kitchen variety. It may help maintain balanced cortisol levels in the body, supports the nervous system, and promotes grace and ease.

Skullcap is native to the southeast. It’s a fantastic calming nervine and also acts as a nerve tonic, supporting the nervous system as an ally over time.

Milky oats are the unripe seedpod of the oat plant. Yep, the same plant that gives us oatmeal offers our nervous system a deep watering when the metaphorical soil is too dry. Milky oats calm by nourishing, and they are great for both acute and everyday use.


Allergy Assist:

Formulated with herbal antihistamines and plants that support an even-keeled immune system. It works as a tonic taken in small amounts regularly over time, or in the throes of an acute allergy attack. Never be without this little bottle of relief.*

Ingredients: goldenrod**, nettle*, elderflower*, elderberry**, reishi**, certified non-gmo cane spirits, distilled water (*certified organic, **cultivated without chemicals)

Goldenrod is an energetically drying herb, which is what you want when your nose and eyes are dripping. It also has a super high antioxidant content, which supports so many processes throughout the body.

Elderberry supports a balanced immune system, calming it down when it’s overactive, and revving it up when needed. In the case of allergies, Elderberry soothes the immune response, allowing your body to regain balance.

Nettle is an herbal antihistamine, which is ironic considering a brush with its wild leaves can cause an intense histamine reaction. When dried, it becomes a fantastic herb to support deep nourishment and works as a fantastic fast-acting antihistamine.

Brain Tonic:

A formula that supports the central nervous system, and may help to clear mental fog and promote optimal memory. These plants have been used for centuries—if not millennia—to increase brain health well into old age. Use daily over an extended period of time for best results.*

Ingredients: gingko**, oatstraw*, tulsi*, peppermint*, rosemary*, certified non-gmo cane spirits, distilled water (**cultivated without chemicals, *certified organic)

Gingko is a tree native to China that has been traditionally used to promote memory. It is harvested in the early fall, just as the leaves start to take on their golden color. That golden yellow is full of phytochemicals, including loads of antioxidants.

Rosemary is for remembrance, according to Shakespeare—no doubt an adage he picked up from an elder wise woman. Rosemary supports brain function of all kinds, and encourages circulation throughout the body.

Burnout Banisher:

If you can’t remember the last time you weren’t stressed out, this is the potion for you. Skullcap and holy basil tone and nourish and support the nervous system, while oatstraw replenishes exhausted adrenal glands. A soothing blend of garden-grown leaves that you can take daily in your beverage of choice, along with five deep breaths, and start feeling better in no time.*

Ingredients: Oregon-grown skullcap, Oregon oatstraw, Oregon nettle, New York holy basil, certified non-gmo cane alcohol, distilled water

Hangover Tonic:

Have too much fun last night? Don’t worry, the plants patrol has it under control. Just a few drops of this extract and you’ll be back on your feet in no time. Milk thistle and St. John’s Wort both support healthy liver function while also protecting it from damage, so toxins move through and out with ease. Now, just lie down and take a nap, and let the plants do the work.*

Milk thistle is the seed of a weedy plant that is fantastic for moving toxins and metabolic wastes through the liver quickly. It’s also highly protective of the liver.

St. John’s wort moves things through the liver quickly as well, in addition to giving your mood a little pep. Be cautious with St. John’s wort if you’re taking any pharmaceuticals, as it can move them through the body too quickly, rendering them less useful.

Ingredients: milk thistle seed*, st. john's wort*, non-gmo cane spirits, distilled water (*certified organic)

Migraine Melter:

Use this herbal blend to support the body during a headache or migraine. Calming herbs combine here with bitter feverfew and soothing violet leaf to loosen the tension up top. Use as a daily preventative tonic if you are prone to migraines. If you suffer from migraines, do be mindful that they may often be caused by food allergies.*

Ingredients: skullcap*, California poppy*, lavender*, feverfew*, violet*, certified non-gmo cane spirits, distilled water (*certified organic)

Skullcap is native to temperate woodlands of the world. It’s a fantastic calming nervine and also acts as a nerve tonic, supporting the nervous system as an ally over time.

California poppy is one of the milder poppies, and is gently calming. It grows wild all over California, though we source ours from small farms dispersed throughout the country.

Feverfew is the classic migraine herb. Its intense bitterness grounds you in your body, forcing you to be present and let go of whatever is causing tension.

Moontime Magic:

A soothing blend for those painful times of the month: ovulation and menstruation. This formula supports an easier flow and calms a spasming uterus, allowing you to take some time for rest and rejuvenation. As if that weren’t enough magic, the blend also makes a great addition to a cup of ginger tea.* 

Ingredients: cramp bark**, wild yam**, yarrow*, motherwort*, certified non-gmo cane spirits, distilled water (**grown sustainably without chemicals, *certified organic)

Cramp bark, as the name implies, has been used for generations because it may calm spasming muscles. It’s a shrubby tree in the Viburnum family, making it a relative of cranberry and blueberry. Cramp bark works like a charm, and is the all-star of this formula.

Wild yam is native to the southeast, and we use it in our formula because it may act as an antispasmodic. It offers a sweet and gentle energy, and may help lessen ovulation cramps like no other.

Yarrow has a magical relationship to blood, and may slow heavy bleeding when necessary, or help bring it on when needed, making it a vital part of this formula.


Sacred Sister:

These leaves, flower, and seed have been used for millenia to help tone, strengthen, and nourish our most sacred of parts. 

Ingredients: Vermont red raspberry leaf, Oregon nettle, wild red clover, wild violet leaf, Georgia milky oats, non-gmo cane alcohol, distilled water



*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product does not intend to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any disease.

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